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In Spain we can enjoy the two Major Cities of Madrid, headquarters of the World Tourism Organisation and with one of the places with most cultural heritage sites in the world, and Barcelona where we will find Gaudí's Sagrada Familia, in a northerly region with a mild climate and home to charming beaches, Spas and a cuisine with the best fish, seafood and meats. We will find the best sun and beach tourist resorts on the Mediterranean coast with its warm climate and a low rainfall. We can also find mountain tourism, unique islands, monumental cities with impressive cathedrals such as Burgos, Toledo, Salamanca, Leon or Cuenca and countless villages with incredible landscapes and unbeatable cuisine.

The diversity of the Canary Islands make them unique in the world, and offer a spring-like climate all year round, while the Balearic Islands offer beauty and entertainment, with Ibiza being considered as the world capital of fun, with the largest nightclubs in the world.

The Camino de Santiago attracts numerous tourists who pass through its different stages filled with beautiful landscapes and countless medieval monuments, usually on foot or by bicycle to reach the incredible Cathedral of Santiago.

In Andalusia, one of the warmest parts of Europe, we will find a unique contrast: it is the region with the second largest number of beaches in Spain yet, only 27 km from Granada we can find the Sierra Nevada ski resort, headquarters of the 1996 World Alpine Ski Championships. And as if this was not enough, the Alhambra is located in Granada, the most complex medieval Muslim palace in existence and candidate for being a wonder of the world.

Together with this enormous range of tourist possibilities, we cannot forget its unrivalled cuisine, with the best restaurant in the world and another three which took the fourth, fifth and eighth places in 2009.

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