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Europe is the second most populated continent in the world. Throughout history, its lands have been the home to many different civilisations which have left behind the remains of battles, colonialisation and revolutions in the different settings of European soil.

The Greeks and the Romans made famous contributions to philosophy, literature, art and world government. Europe is the birthplace of modern science and the Industrial Revolution which bestowed it with a technological superiority that spread throughout the whole world, and it was from where the most important cultural, ideological and artistic revolutions of all time emerged.

This is why Europe is a model of cultural diversity, a historical continent where distinguished figures such as Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Ludwig Van Beethoven or Picasso were born.

Typical celebrations and festivals, together with the most diverse cuisine await you on a surprising route through tradition and ancestral magic which envelop the different countries packed with history and beauty.

The permanent presence of the sea gives its landscape magnificent natural settings in a land full of contrasts where you will find marvellous beaches surrounded by nature, small hidden typical and traditional villages full of charm and the most modern cities in the world.

It is impossible to define Europe, you have to experience it and discover places like Madrid, London, Rome, or Berlin. Europe will make you feel the essence of the different unforgettable destinations which this diverse continent has to offer.

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