Rustic House Can Coderch

Ribas,  Spain

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Practical rural cottage having a rustic design in heart of nature, it will enable its guests to find everything they need to make their stay as pleasant as possible. All rooms include services like spectacular views. The average guest will find a good quality/price ratio. At the end of your journey you can relax and enjoy from its common zones, its gardens will enable us to take a walk in the fresh air and possibility of practising outdoor activities. Participate in the beauty of the mountain, contemplating the magnitude of its undulating harmony and discover the universe of sensations that this small paradise keeps for you.

Room Services
  • Rooms:
  • Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
Main facilities
  • Rooms:
  • Central heating
General services
  • Rooms:
  • Dogs accepted
Rustic House Can Coderch
Veïnat de Ribesaltes (17534) - Ribas (Spain)


Rustic House Can Coderch Veïnat de Ribesaltes Ribas 17534 Spain